Tracking Gangways

Perfect for loading a variety of truck and rail car hatch configurations, tracking gangways are heavy-duty and maintenance-free making them an ideal part of your company’s fall prevention plan.

Gangways are an important part of a company’s fall prevention plan. They provide safety and efficiency when accessing trucks and rail cars. Gangways allow workers to walk safely from a loading platform across to the top of a tank truck or rail car.

But what exactly is a tracking gangway and why would you need one?

First of all, there are several types of gangways – flat ramp, telescoping and self-leveling staircase. There are also different gangway installation options including fold down, pivoting and tracking. Any of the above gangway models can be mounted on a track that will allow the gangway to roll from one horizontal location to another along the track.

Tracking gangways are ideal for applications that take place along a horizontal range and require a variety of truck and hatch configurations. Each gangway tracking carriage is designed to be maintenance-free with heavy-duty load rollers for smooth tracking along the platform. Tracking can be added to one side of the platform or both with fixed handrails as an optional addition. 

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