Truck Access Platforms Create Safer Work Areas for Employees

At Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC we design and engineer several types of platforms that give your employees safe access to single or multiple hatches on a variety of tank trucks. If your operators are currently accessing the tops of trucks by climbing ladders, you need to find a safer and superior alternative. Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC can recommend the appropriate loading platform to best suit your company’s needs.


Rise Above with Elevating Platforms
Our elevating truck platforms can be integrated seamlessly into your current systems or they can be set up to function as independent structures so there will be no additional load on your existing structures. Your company and workers will enjoy a number of the features on our elevating truck platforms:

  • The self-leveling gangway can be operated manually, pneumatically, or hydraulically.
  • The platform is securely attached to a support column.
  • Elevating counterweights are protected inside a support tube.
  • The handrail is 42 inches high. There is also a midrail and toeboard enclosure for added safety.
  • Your company will meet or exceed industry requirements for proper fall prevention.
  • A padded lower edge protects trucks from damage.
  • Optional flip-up floor panels are available for access to the tank and they can help stop spotting problems. Panels also limit access to those areas that are immediately needed.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC can provide platforms with a slip-resistant full floor that provides a flat surface for safely walking on top of a trailer. Since slips and falls are minimized, there’s no need for tie-off harnesses saving your workers time and possible injury.

On the Move with Portable Platforms
Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC also manufactures portable platforms for additional flexibility, whether it’s our TTX system, Buzzard, TC10 or any customized version of these models.

These platforms allow your operators safe access to the tops of vehicles without requiring a fixed platform or a ladder. Portable platforms are also helpful when your personnel need to open multiple hatches or conduct various inspections.

TTX System
The Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC TTX system is a lightweight, low-cost system. Features include a galvanized steel base, 16-inch foam-filled wheels, an aluminum access ladder (operated by a hand winch), and a safety cage. The TTX system offers an effective and temporary way to deliver fall prevention to industrial sites requiring bulk loading and unloading.

A portable TTX system can address all your truck safety needs. It is especially useful as a back up if a loading spot becomes non-functional due to an accidental drive-off or other situation. Implementing the portable TTX unit can help avoid expensive work-arounds and keep your loading areas in operation for consistent throughput. Also, you won’t have to commit your equipment to a permanent loading spot that will require expensive foundations and using valuable work real estate. Finally, the small footprint of the TTX system means space-saving storage.

Buzzard System for Transloading Needs
A Buzzard dual vehicle access system from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC can help fulfill your transloading needs. Your operators will be able to transfer products safely. Also, this system can be customized to allow safe access to two different kinds of rolling stock at the same time. The Buzzard can accommodate motors, pumps, and hoses, thereby ensuring it will fulfill your specific requirements.

Using the Buzzard can save you money because its dual vehicle transloading access platform negates the need for outsourcing the job. If transloading is a critical part of your business, your company can get greater throughput by using the Buzzard, which will simultaneously create a safer work environment and increase revenue.

TC10 for Safe Hatch Access
If your workers need to access the tops of different size trucks during loading and unloading, the TC10 — Portable Truck and Rail Car Access Platform from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC is just what they need. It’s available with several options, depending on the kind of vehicle you need to access, the kind of work performed, and the space available at your facility.

Options include:

  • Handrail
  • Non-slip walking surface
  • Forklift tubes allow the TC10 to be moved around the plant to use in multiple locations.
  • Platform and stairs can be oriented sideways from the direction the base travels, if needed.

What’s great about the TC10 is that it offers a flexible fall prevention solution that can be implemented anywhere you need it. The TC10 gives you the flexibility that a fixed platform cannot, enhancing workplace safety, saving floor space and providing access that can support new processes.

If your company needs to look at safer, more time saving options to access your truck fleet contact Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC today and let’s discuss your options.

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