A Chemical Institute Updates Its Fall Prevention Equipment

One company sought to improve worker safety by updating its loading platforms with fall prevention equipment.
As one of the most active and dynamic environments at many companies, the loading bay is also one of the most dangerous areas for workers.

The risk for injuries and even fatalities is high without the right safety system in place. Fatal injuries may occur when employees are struck by vehicles, struck by falling objects or fall from a height. Even a fall from 10 feet puts workers at risk of death.

One company sought to improve worker safety by updating its loading platforms with fall prevention equipment. Learn how the safety solutions it chose made the company a safer place to work.

The Problem:

A Company’s Safety System Needed An Update To Prevent Falls

A large chemical firm decided to review its existing loading infrastructure, which was used to access multiple vehicle types. After inspection, the company realized that its safety system required an update.

Operators found the current system made it difficult to access multiple vehicle types in a safe and efficient manner. The four elevated, cage-style loading racks needed to be replaced with a user-friendly safety solution that provided maximum fall protection for workers.

The Solution:

Safe, Easy-To-Use Fall Prevention Equipment

After researching and evaluating multiple options, the company chose to partner with Carbis Solutions because of the safety systems provider’s experience, attentiveness to detail, competitive pricing and promising timeline.

Taking into consideration current infrastructure at the facility, Carbis Solutions recommended that the company transition its existing loading platform to an elevating-style access platform.

The new fall prevention system incorporated flip-up panels on the loading platforms. These allowed employees to safely and efficiently access multiple styles of vehicles while still preventing dangerous falls.

The Result:

Improved Worker Safety And Productivity

The fall prevention equipment was installed at the end of 2010. Due to Carbis Solutions’ attention and understanding of the facility’s infrastructure, the solution functioned well within the existing setting.

The company benefited from an improved working environment with a focus on worker safety. Employee satisfaction and the new safety system’s ease of use also led to increased production at the facility.