Comprehensive Fall Safety Solutions For Your ISO Container Loading and Access

ISO containers, or Isotainers, have become increasingly popular, especially in the chemical and food industries. Isotainers come in a wide variety of configurations, and require specialized fall prevention equipment for safe loading and unloading.

When facilities lack the necessary equipment, employees often resort to unsafe workaround when accessing the bottom valve or opening storm doors. This increases the risk of falling between an ISO container tank and the supporting frame.

As ISO containers become more prevalent, a comprehensive safety solution is critical to protecting your workers while driving efficiency.


Our solutions based approach to ISO Containers:

Since every loading site has different needs and challenges, it’s essential to work closely with a trusted vendor. At Carbis Solutions, we start by determining your facility’s requirements and safety goals. Some of the factors we consider include:

  • The operator’s tasks and environment while working on and around the ISO containers
  • The properties of your product and unique safety hazards it may present
  • Your specific loading process
  • How to correctly and continuously spot the truck in the proper location
  • How your site layout impacts traffic flow and the safety equipment you use
  • Power limitations for electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic equipment
  • Climate Considerations
  • Your internal safety standards as well as applicable industry standards and best practices

After assessing your company’s needs, we work with you to design a custom solution for your facility that helps to increase productivity and minimize downtime while enhancing safety.

Isotainers Fall Protection
Isotainers come in a wide variety of size, shape and configurations, which require specialized fall prevention equipment for safe loading and unloading. Let Carbis develope the a solution specific to your needs