Boosting Tanker Truck Loading Efficiency And Worker Safety

A Fortune 500 chemical company needed to upgrade its tanker truck loading processes to fulfill its commitment to a zero-safety-incident culture
The Problem:

The Need For Safe, Efficient Tanker Truck Loading Equipment

The chemical company had a firm dedication to creating a safer environment for its employees. It also needed to increase its tanker truck loading efficiency in order to speed up throughput.

After evaluating its current safety equipment and tanker truck loading processes, the company realized it needed a proactive safety upgrade.

The Solution:

Custom-Designed Fall Prevention Equipment

The company reviewed several safety solutions providers and selected Carbis Solutions for its ability to understand the company’s operational and purchasing processes, as well as its design flexibility and reliability guarantee.

Carbis Solutions’ engineers custom-designed a fall prevention solution that built on the chemical company’s existing safety infrastructure. The solution included a double-sided platform with a tracking gangway and a safety cage.

The upgraded safety system integrated with the chemical company’s existing safety platform and connected with the entrance and exit of the main building.

The Result:

Increased Efficiency And Worker Safety

Since implementing the upgraded fall prevention solution, the chemical company has experienced greater tanker truck loading efficiency, while providing a safer environment for its employees. The safety solution has also helped the company maintain OSHA compliance.


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