Getting To Market Faster With A Custom Truck Loading Solution

One of the largest independent oil and natural gas production companies in the United States had a product delivery challenge to overcome
The Problem:

The Need To Move Oil Before A New Pipeline Was Completed

While waiting for construction of a new domestic oil pipeline to finish, the company was unable to get its products to market.

To solve this challenge, the company partnered with an engineering services firm. The engineering firm recommended the oil company build a temporary delivery terminal where tanker trucks could be loaded safely and efficiently.

The Solution:

A Custom-Designed, Five-Lane Tanker Truck Loading Terminal

The oil company evaluated several safety solutions providers and selected Carbis Solutions for its flexible design capabilities, competitive pricing and ability to meet the tight project deadline. The oil company was also enticed by Carbis Solutions’ Reliability & Flexibility Guarantee.

Carbis Solutions’ engineers got to work and examined the strict requirements of the oil company and the engineering services firm. The safety solutions provider custom-designed a five-lane tanker truck loading terminal.

The Result:

Getting Oil To Market Ahead Of Schedule

The terminal gives operators the ability to load up to ten 7,560-gallon trucks at the same time in less than 30 minutes. It includes a canopy, loading skids with a bottom-loading arm and a grounding and metering system.

The tanker truck loading solution fully integrates with the oil company’s on-site programmable logic controller and offers gate access for completely networked operations. There is also room for future expansion.

With the custom-designed, five-lane tanker truck loading terminal, the oil company delivered its refined product to market ahead of the projected schedule.

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