Improving Truck Loading Access With Elevating Platforms

Jacobs Engineering, one of the largest providers of construction services in the world, needed an inventive solution to a tanker truck access problem
The Problem:

Complicated Tanker Truck Loading Access Needs

The firm was in the middle of constructing a site on Jurong Island in Singapore for Huntsman, a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals. Huntsman needed an efficient way to access the tops of variously sized tanker trucks that also maintained worker safety.

They required an access solution that adjusted to different tanker truck heights and allowed trucks to park in the same weighbridges every time to maintain weighing accuracy. They also needed a way to accommodate the loading of up to eight different liquid chemicals in each truck bay.

The Solution:

An Elevating Truck Platform Access System

Jacobs Engineering hired Carbis Solutions to design and implement an access solution that met all these various needs.

Carbis Solutions designed a dual-sided elevating truck platform that gave Huntsman’s employees safe access to the tops of the tanker trucks at various heights. Powered by an air-driven hydraulic pump, these vertically elevating platforms have flip-up floor panels that allow workers to walk safely on top of the tanker trucks.

Carbis Solutions also designed a dual-sided manifold positioned above the access platform that allows operators to quickly select between different liquid chemicals to load into the truck.

Additionally, Carbis Solutions implemented a Tanker Earthing System that protects workers from the dangers of electric shock. They designed the access system’s loading arms to only operate once a certain set of safety and positional protocols have been met.

The Result:

Reduced Costs And Improved Worker Safety

This access system keeps Huntsman’s workers safe and saves Huntsman both space and money. It also helps avoid the hazards of cross-liquid contamination. With safe tanker access provided by Carbis Solutions, Huntsman has a solution that is future-proofed for safety, environmental and manual handling legislation.