A Complete ISO Container Access Solution

Every ISO Container is different which presents a huge challenge when trying to open and close hatches, and load and unload hazardous products. With an ISO Container Safety Platform, you can access multiple configurations with just one piece of equipment. Thanks to the flip up panels, workers remain safely enclosed while still being able to open the hatch below.


  • Fast, easy working height adjustment
  • 42″ high handrail system
  • *Safety gates can be included to expand or reduce the top working area
  • Can be retrofitted to existing platforms
  • Can be manufactured for any size loading area from 4′ to over 50′
Various Vehicles, One Solution:
  • Keeps worker safer by preventing the need to stand on the truck.
  • Available in hydraulic or pneumatic operation, aluminum or galvanized steel
  • Hopper car systems also available
Modal Truck Loading handrail platform by Sam Carbis Solutions