Spill Containment

Compliance and Peace of Mind with Spill Containment from Carbis

Your facility is a busy place, and the last thing you want to worry about is spill prevention compliance.

With spill containment track pans from Carbis Solutions, you don’t have to fret about environmental compliance during the material handling process.

Carbis is at your side to help you clean up the mess caused by spills and drips occurring during Material Handling.

Carbis Rail Car Containment Track Pans have been designed to help you address these eventualities quickly and easily. And you can be assured that your Carbis equipment will help you to meet all environmental regulations applying to spills.

Carbis Solutions Spill Containment Pans Provide:
  • Can be positioned end-to-end to provide continuous coverage
  • Made of heavy-gauge carbon steel
  • Can be supplied in galvanized or stainless steel or aluminum if you desire
  • Are stronger and last longer than pans made of fiberglass
  • Are available in systems that include one center pan and two side pans linked with a cross drain
  • Can be provided as stand-alone center pans to be used in staging, storage, or non-loading areas
  • Additionally, all the fasteners in the system are made of stainless steel to maximize resistance to corrosion, and all gasket material is neoprene rubber, unless you make a specific request for another material.