Wide Gangways

Improve Safety For Workers When Accessing Trucks and Railcars

The Wide Gangways available from Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC offer even greater efficiency and flexibility when accessing trucks and railcars

Keeping workers safe when they are accessing the tops of trucks and rail cars is critical. Because everey facility is different, though, it is important to find safety equipment that fits your facility’s exact specifications.

Wide gangways provide the highest level of fall prevention for your employees when they’re accessing trucks and railcars. Our wide gangways are designed to work with your ISO containers, tank trucks, railcars, and hoppers – eliminating the need for multiple units.

Extra Wide Gangways Available With Popular Features:
  • Manual, hydraulic, and pneumatic models available
  • Available in aluminum or steel, primed, painted, or galvanized
  • Extra wide cages available for your specific application
  • Available in flat ramp, telescoping, or articulating stair models