Finding New Ways To Extract and Transport Crude Oil in America

America is number ten on the list of top ten countries in the world with the most oil reserves — right behind Mexico and Libya. So why aren’t we producing more crude oil?

The problem thus far has been not only getting to the oil and extracting it but also how to transport it from northern locations south to the pipelines and refineries.

Crude oil is used to make almost everything: gasoline, plastics, wax, jet fuel, pharmaceuticals, home heating oil, you name it, it’s probably a product of crude oil. America is extremely dependant on oil and the current love triangle of supply, demand and political instability in foreign countries has helped create a combustible situation. Crude oil prices are ever increasing causing gas prices to rise sharply and the price of most items has increased as well.

To download a whitepaper on Crude Oil Transportation and Transloading click here.

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