Platforms and Catwalks

Platforms and catwalks allow employees safe and easy access to critical areas involving height without restricting movement. When working at heights, safety on the job should always be a company’s first priority.

Outstanding fall prevention can include OSHA-compliant platforms and catwalks built with aluminum, steel or stainless steel making them able to withstand industrial use. These items add safety for employees working at heights. Catwalks and platforms are designed to safely access a workstation, monitor or service equipment.

Both the platform and catwalk allow workers to walk about freely on a non-slip work surface and are protected from falls by mid and top guardrails. Catwalks and raised platforms can be customized to integrate with existing structures.

Increase safety, save lives and lower costs simultaneously. Increased worker safety combined with better efficiency equals improved throughput for your company.

Different job sites will have different requirements. Platforms and catwalks need to be OSHA compliant, able to conform to local laws and adept at meeting each company’s specific needs. Carbis engineers are able to create unique platforms and catwalks to meet your employees’ needs maintaining safety as the top priority.


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