Elevating Truck Access Platform

How An Elevating Truck Access Platform Minimized Downtime
A petrochemical manufacturing company located in Louisiana needed to replace an existing fall prevention system to improve safety and throughput at a tanker truck loading station.
The Problem:

The potential downtime required for installation jeopardized their contractual agreements with customers

The tanker truck loading station had a high duty cycle and was used almost daily, so the client could not afford to be down any longer than absolutely necessary.

The negative impacts from potential downtime included:

  • Loss of Revenue
  • Inability to realize cost savings
  • Inability to meet contractual agreements with clients
  • Increased liability to the organization
The petrochemical manufacturer had previously worked with Carbis Solutions on this same truck access platform, so they turned to Carbis once again to complete their upgrade and make sure the project was completed on deadline – with as little downtime as possible.
The Solution:

The scope of work involved the removal of an elevating platform, modifications to the support structure and the installation of a modified elevating truck access platform.

To minimize downtime as much as possible for this project, Carbis Solutions provided the following support:

  • Guaranteed delivery of project deliverables (including approval drawings)
  • On-time delivery of equipment shipping
  • Engineering collaboration on modified system design
  • Modified installation procedure to minimize downtime
The Result:

As a result, the elevating truck access platform was installed with the smallest possible impact on the petrochemical client’s business.

The finalized project resulted in:

  • Improved safe access to tanker trucks
  • Steady throughput for product loading
  • Growth and retention of customers with on-time fulfillment of contracts
In the end, the petrochemical manufacturing client was glad they chose Carbis Solutions. Not only was their workplace safety improved, but their bottom line grew as a result.