How An Elevated Platform Improved Tanker Truck Success

To maximize efficiency while preserving worker safety, a Dutch chocolate manufacturer realized it needed a new way to load its tanker trucks.
The Problem:

The company wanted a loading system that eliminated its need to harness workers while they accessed the tops of the trucks. They also wanted a solution that accounted for the unique slope of their tanker trucks.

The Solution:

After conducting research into truck enclosure manufacturers, the chocolate company hired Carbis Solutions. Carbis’ engineers designed a custom solution that added new capabilities to truck enclosures previously built by Carbis.

The resulting elevating platform gives the chocolate company’s workers fast access to the tops of tanker trucks. It also mirrors the slope of the tanker truck by lowering the ends of the platform using push-button controls on the platform control panel.

The Result:

After turning to Carbis Solutions for a custom solution to its tanker truck loading issues, the Dutch chocolate manufacturer has fast, safe access to its tanker trucks. This access preserves worker safety and helps increase throughput speed.