How Carbis Increased Fall Prevention For An Old Loading Rack

The Problem:

A large chemical manufacturer in West Virginia had an old loading rack that lacked adequate fall prevention

Months earlier, this customer had come under government scrutiny due to a number of safety incidents. They needed a loading rack safety solution that ensured there would be no future safety issues – and they needed the solution fast.

When the team of Carbis Coaches arrived onsite, they realized it wasn’t just the one loading spot that needed to be addressed.

The Solution:

The Carbis team created a solution which provided fall prevention for the loading of multiple types of vehicles. The safety solution allowed the chemical industry client to access ISO containers and tank trucks using an elevating-style platform with flip-up panels.

Once the client’s engineers saw how well this loading rack would solve their problems, they asked Carbis Solutions to quote 10 more locations for the same type of access equipment.

After meeting with multiple decision-makers, the customer decided to purchase not one, but multiple loading rack solutions, and they needed them in 25% of the industry standard lead time – part of the Carbis Rapid Response program.

Carbis Solutions released all drawings and shipped all the equipment on the promised dates to meet the customer’s rigorous schedule.

Once the access equipment arrived, a Carbis Coach walked the client through the installation process and made sure that all of their equipment worked correctly. The Carbis Coach not only educated the operators on how to use the new safety equipment, but he also demonstrated several preventative maintenance recommendations.

The Result:

The chemical manufacturer had considered the original problem unsolvable, but after working with Carbis Solutions, they were ready to install similar safety solutions in all of their remaining facilities.