Using A Track-Mounted Gangway System To Boost Fall Prevention

Tanker truck drivers offloading raw materials at a chemical facility in the U.K. were facing a dangerous situation
The Problem:

A Tanker Truck Access Scheme That Offered Insufficient Fall Protection

There’s no getting around it: Tanker truck drivers need to get on top of their trucks to open vents and check barrel levels. Drivers arriving at the facility to offload raw materials had to climb on fixed-position folding stairs and secure themselves with a cable and harness system to access the tops of their tanker trucks.

This scheme was cumbersome and didn’t provide an adequate amount of worker safety. Determined to offer drivers a safer, easier way to use the access system, the facility began looking for a better solution.

The Solution:

A Track-Mounted Gangway System Offering Better Fall Prevention

The facility contacted Carbis Solutions and asked for a design that would improve fall prevention and keep workers safe.

Carbis’ engineers designed a track-mounted gangway system that allowed drivers to easily access the whole length of the bay. The system was built in South Carolina and shipped to the facility where it was easily installed.

The Results:

Safer Drivers And Seamless Tanker Truck Access

No longer needing to rely on truck ladders and harnesses, drivers have safer, easier access to the tops of their trucks. The system reduces the risk of costly, work-halting injuries, which benefits both the facility and the drivers.

Martin Koenigsberger, an engineer at the facility, notes-

For offloading raw material tankers, our operators and/or the drivers had to climb up the truck ladders, which as we all know is a dangerous situation with many injuries and casualties in the past. By installing the Carbis Solutions Fall Protection System, we have eliminated the need for the drivers to do this. Our operators and the drivers have taken to the new system very well and we've only had positive comments back.