OSHA Compliant Crossover And Fall Protection Equipment.

Easy and safe navigation through your company’s workspace is absolutely essential. A common issue for manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse sites are obstructions throughout the area. Whether it be a lengthy gap, walkway, or conveyor belt, obstructions hinder the flow of work and make the environment less safe for everyone. That’s why the professionals at Sam Carbis Solutions Group offer OSHA Compliant Crossovers to make your workspace safer and easier to navigate.

Do You Need an OSHA Compliant Crossover?

Crossovers are elevated platforms attached to two sets of stairs. These crossover platforms are used to safely span gaps and bypass any obstacles that hinder workflow throughout your space. Adding an OSHA Compliant Crossover Unit to your work environment allows for safer and easier travel throughout your space. The platform on your crossover can be virtually any length and any height, allowing it to bypass pretty much any obstacle. There are an incredible number of uses for crossover platforms in your workspace.

Crossover stair for convayor

Improve Safety While Increasing Productivity!

Crossovers/Bridges are Commonly Used to Span:

  • Piping
  • Cabling
  • Waterways
  • Walkways
  • Throughways
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Large Equipment
  • Building Roofs

Crossovers are the Essential Safety Addition to Your Workplace

Adding OSHA Compliant Crossovers makes navigating your workspace safer, easier, and faster. By adding one or a series of crossover platforms to your workspace, you can even start extending to a new level of transportation and operation. The many safety, efficiency, and productivity benefits make OSHA Compliant Crossovers from Sam Carbis Solutions Group an essential addition to your workspace.

Businesses That Commonly Use Crossovers Include:

  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Shipping and Freight
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Power Plants
  • Factories
  • Tank Terminals

Crossovers / Bridges From Sam Carbis Solutions Group are OSHA Compliant

It’s crucial to make sure every piece of equipment in your workspace is OSHA compliant. That’s why Crossovers from Sam Carbis Solutions Group get designed and built to be OSHA compliant from the moment they’re installed. Keeping you and your employees safe is priority number one.

  • Safety Features for the OSHA Compliant Crossover Include:
  • Aluminum or Steel (Primed, Painted, Mill Finished, or Galvanized) for strength
  • Non-corrosive materials used to boost durability and longevity
  • Optional finish choices available to take on even the harshest conditions
  • Customized lengths and heights to allow safe travel over virtually any obstacle
  • Open serrated metal plank flooring and treads are standard
  • Optional flooring, like serrated bar grating or fiberglass with grit top surface, add more
  • grip
  • Top and mid guardrails for added fall protection

We Made Ordering Easy

The only information really needed to get fitted for your own custom crossover is the height and width of your obstacle and any other nearby obstacles that might get in the way.

Let’s get starting on designing the perfect crossover/bridge for you.  Call 1-800-948-7750 or hit the Chat Now button below.