Rely On OSHA Compliant Fixed Ladders And Fixed Cage Ladders.

Some elevated areas on a job site may require frequent access. In order to access these areas quickly and safely, a fixed ladder is the best way to prevent a fall. If it’s multiple stories off the ground you’ll want to add a safety cage, too. OSHA compliant safety cages will have a flared bottom opening for easy entry.

Why Should I choose Carbis for my Fixed and Caged Ladders?

There’s so much to consider when trying to evaluate your facility and if it meets OSHA regulations related to 1910.27. Requirements address ladder design, weight load, rung distance, paint or treatment, fastening, climbing side, clearance and more. Carbis will let you focus on the job you need to do while our OSHA experts evaluate your compliance. Our specialty is fall protection and fall prevention and fixed ladders are a part of that scenario.

 Easy to Order, Customize, and Install!
  • Sturdier, safer climbing solution for workers.
  • Component choices include: aluminum, galvanized, primed, mill, painted or stainless steel and fiberglass depending on environmental requirements.
  • Even Carbis’ basic models meet or exceed OSHA standards. Additional industry standards can be met upon request.
  • Holdout brackets are standard. One pair per 10’ for steel ladders and one pair per 6’ for aluminum ladders.
  • Can be customized to your specifications and fabrications although some may require additional charges.
  • All ladders are shipped fully assembled for quick, easy installation.
  • Aluminum cages may be shipped “knocked down” for freight savings.
  • Ladders are available with either a flared or non-flared top.
  • Flared cage units can be made to allow either front or side top access.