Stay on the Ground. Eliminate The Need To Climb On Top While Tarping Trucks

The benefits of Overhead Tarping Systems for flatbed trailers

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires all drivers and any other employees to be fully protected. For negligent loading companies that means OSHA can levy large fines.

Strict regulation is no surprise for the freight industry, especially with flatbeds. Truck drivers transporting materials, “are at a high risk for tarp-handling injuries from overexertion, awkward postures, and same-level falls and falls from equipment,” according to Occupational Health & Safety magazine in The Lowdown on Safe Tarp Handling.

Their research suggests nearly ten percent of all injuries in trucking come from tarping. And these are not just minor injuries. A fall from the height of an average trailer is enough to seriously injure or even kill an operative.

Stay Safe With Carbis Flatbed Fall Protection Overhead Tarping

We have designed a range of truck tarping systems to prevent accidental falls and injuries. The ultimate solution, designed by our loading rack safe access specialists at Carbis, is our Overhead Tarping system. That’s because the flatbed tarping system enables truck drivers to keep their feet safely on the ground with no need to climb onto their flatbed trailers when preparing cargo for transportation.

Flatbed Fall Protection Systems

How overhead tarping works with overhead tarping, the driver’s feet remain firmly on the ground the entire time so potential falls from heights are taken out of the equation—the ultimate fall protection equipment solution for tarping trucks.

flatbed tarping system

The system uses an electric motor to drag the tarp over the entire length of the flatbed load trailer products. No personnel are needed to climb onto the load. All the operator has to do is connect the tarp to the spreader bar and then guide it along the length of the trailer using hand-held control.

In short, it’s a failsafe truck tarping system that saves manpower, time, and money while reducing ergonomic injuries and eliminating potentially fatal falls from the flatbed.

Adaptable and easy-to-install

When you choose to switch to our overhead tarping system, the hardware can be easily added to an existing structure on your site. Alternatively, our team can design a OSHA-compliant fall protection freestanding trailer tarping unit to meet the exact specifications and needs of your business.

Once installed, everything is easy to use and requires only one operator to tarp an entire flatbed… all the while with his or her feet safely on the ground.

With overhead tarping solutions from Carbis Solutions, you can:

  • Guide the tarp over the length of the flatbed remotely with handheld controls.
  • Save time and money by speeding up operations.
  • Reduce back injuries.
  • Prevent falls as tarping systems don’t require drivers to climb on top of their trucks.

Flatbed truck trailer—increase efficiency and throughput

One of the key advantages of using a flatbed tarping system is the increased efficiency and time savings it offers. With traditional methods of tarping, such as manually climbing onto the trailer and securing the tarp, the process can be labor-intensive and time-consuming. This not only increases the risk of falls but also slows down operations.

Flatbed Tarping System
Powered tarping systems provide a safe way to tarp loads without having to climb on back of trailers or on top of loads. Simply connect a tarp to the spreader bar and guide along length of trailer via hand-held pendant control and powered winch system.

You May Also Be Intested in Flatbed Fall Protection and Access Platforms.

Flatbed fall protection platformsFlatbed fall protection and access platforms are essential components of a flatbed tarping fall protection system. These platforms provide a safe and stable working surface for operators to access the top of the trailer and secure the tarp securely.

These platforms are designed to accommodate different trailer heights and sizes, ensuring that operators can easily reach and navigate the top of the flatbed. They feature non-slip surfaces and handrails for added safety, allowing operators to work confidently and efficiently.

In summary, flatbed fall protection and access platforms are crucial components of a comprehensive flatbed tarping fall protection system. Click here to visit flatbad access platforms for trailer access.