Hose Handlers

Help Eleminate Trips and Falls At Loading Racks

Hoses are often bulky and may create additional workplace hazards. When hoses lay on the ground, your workers are at risk for slips, trips and falls.

Hose handlers from Carbis Solutions streamline your operations, ensure quicker turnaround times and reduce the effort needed to maneuver hoses. Additionally, hose handlers improve workplace safety by eliminating workplace hazards and freeing up space on your platforms.

Optimize your process with a hose handler. It will free up space on your platform and diminish many tripping hazards by keeping them off the walking surface, leading to a safer work environment.

Lowering the effort needed to maneuver your hoses to the vehicle will provide you with:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased your revenue
  • Less manpower
Now the job that used to require two people to work in a confined area is reduced to just one easy process – leading to an instant savings and fewer falls.