Freestanding Portable Truck and Rail Car Access Unit

The Carbis …TC-10 system has exceeded our expectations. It has been the perfect solution for our tank access challenges. - Greg Tanaka, HSE Manager FLOTEK Chemica

The TC-10 and TTX Portable Access and Fall Protection systems are multi-vehicle mobile powerhouse. Whether you are loading, sampling, or transloading railcars, hopper truck, or tanks, there is a model designed for your application.

Each system supports up to 500 pounds on walk surfaces. Additionally, they can be modified to accommodate loading arms or hoses as needed.

Features of the Truck TC10 Portable Access System
  • Optional side mount available
  • Counter weighted so that unit is self-supporting
  • Combination tow bar/steering mechanism for unit positioning
  • Four jacks for leveling the base
  • Large 16″ diameter foam filled wheels

Added Bonus:
When a spot goes down at your facility, the TC-10 functions to get you back up and running while you wait for a replacement unit reducing downtime and lost revenue.

Features of the Truck TTX Portable Access System
  • 8″ Swivel caster with brake for quick maneuverability
  • 16″ foam filled wheels on back for easy spotting
  • Lowest clearance 10′-0″
  • Fully extends to 14′-0 5/8″
  • Hand winch operation
  • Platform 1′-10 3/8″ wide and 4′ 0″ long
  • 4′ 0″ wide x 5’0″ long cage which is 2′ 9″ deep
  • Unit is NOT self-supporting and must rest on vehicle
Portable Truck Access Platform
Easy to maneuver
If your workers need to access the tops of trucks and rail cars of all different sizes and type during loading and unloading, the Truck Access and Rail Access Fall Protection Platforms are just what you are looking for. Click to watch the animation for our portable access system.