ISO Container Tread

The Benefit of Adding the Seatainer Tread Option is Versatility.

Have you noticed a problem with accessing isotainers? Is your access gangway designed to access isotainers or does it hang up on the isotainers and provide less than ideal safety?

When loading and unloading ISO containers at your facility, workplace safety is a top concern. Without a safe walking surface or loading process, your workers are at risk of serious accidents that may cause injuries or even death.

Adding an ISO container tread to your gangway gives your loading or unloading spot increased versatility, allowing you to safely access multiple vehicle types as well as isotainers and seatainers.

Today’s global economy means that your plan will be likely to see more and more raw materials and feed stock coming from overseas and that means isotainers and seatainers.

This simple solution means you will be ready for the future of bulk loading and unloading no matter what is thrown at you.