Railcar Dry Goods Loading

Loading Dry Product Presents Unique Challenges - Carbis can help!

Whether your product is grain, powder, sand, or pellet, you know the hassles involved in pushing that product in and out of hopper cars. We at Carbis offer safer access at your rail spots to make your loading process safer and more efficient.

While many of our customers use gravity fed solutions to load the product, they still need a means to get on top of their pneumatic vehicle for guiding chutes, sampling, and more. With our full line of ramps, cages, and enclosures Sam Carbis Solutions Group keeps your people safer and your products flowing.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group Dry Bulk Rail Systems provide:
  • Speed of loading/unloading
  • Slip resistant walk surfaces
  • Handrails and cages to keep your workers safer
  • Safer worker access at height
  • On site customer support available
bottom unloading arm for hopper car rail cars.