Train access systems designed for your specific situation and application

Offered with single car train access or double stations, the Redi-Rack loading platform provides safe, easy access to vehicles.

The 4′ × 6′ work surface can be outfitted with a variety of gangways and SAF-T Cages. All gangways have slip-resistant walk surfaces, allowing a safe, efficient working area. Platforms come in three heights for rail car, hopper car, or tank truck access. Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel is standard; other materials, including fiberglass and aluminum, are available.

Redi-Rack loading platforms are perfect for situations where access is consistent in height and location.

The Sam Carbis Solutions Group Rail Spot Redi Rack provides:

  • Easy to install and to use
  • Single or double sided rail access
  • Available at the height you require thanks to our pedestal support
  • Optional loading arm support
  • 4′ x 6′ platform
  • Stairs on one end of the platform


Choose your optimal customization:
  • Material of construction – available in steel (galvanized, primed mill finished, or painted), stainless, aluminum, or fiberglass
  • Single or multiple access and egress points
  • Optional canopy and skirting for protection from the elements
  • Loading arm support available on all Carbis units
  • Ask us about available grounding, traffic control, and spill containment solutions

An important note on railcar fall protection

While it is very common in this industry to use a 12″ cage to augment the existing crash box and satisfy the OSHA 42″ handrail requirement, we recommend not stopping there. The abbreviated cage does not satisfactorily protect the worker from gaps underneath the railing, thus exposing workers to danger. Please give us a call to discuss how to keep your workers safer as they go about their railcar operations.

Rail Car Fall Protection Solutions
Rail cars come in all shapes and sizes. You need flexiblity with your railcar loading solution which accommodates every configuration possible. Also, you need a rail car fall protection solustion that not only efficiently loads railcars, but also protects workers.