Swivel Joints

Multiple Planes Of Rotation For Pipes Or Hoses With Swivels.

Bends in your hoses may seem like a minor problem. However, bends cause rips and tears, which may lead to injuries resulting from slips and falls.

Swivels prevent bends in hoses which can reduce flow or even rip or tear releasing harmful chemicals into the air. They also prove the operator ease use when coupling product lines which will increase throughput and improve ergonomics of the operation.

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC Swivel joints Allow Easy 360 Degree Movement With up to Three Planes of Rotation. Our ball bearing Swivel joints offer many features that provide a dependable long life. All Sam Carbis Solutions Group, LLC swivel joints are 100% penetration welded by certified welders.

This loading arm accessory comes in many different orientations including:

  • Elbowed
  • In-line
  • Flange
  • Welded
We also offer multiple sizes, styles, materials, end configurations, product seals, dust seals and retainers for our swivel joints to meet your facility’s configurations.