The Ideal Solution When Working On Vehicles Of Consistent Heights

Our simple but efficient flat ramp rail gangway (TCG 2000) offers low maintenance costs and a rugged, workhorse design. Whether you are top loading railcars, or doing a simple sampling procedure – the TCG 2000 is the ideal Rail Car Gangway for fixed height applications.

The Carbis Flat Ramp Railcar Bridge:

  • Minimizes trip hazards on walk surfaces
  • Provides guardrails that comply with OSHA standards
  • Offers optional pneumatic or hydraulic systems for raising and lowering gangway
  • Has padded lower edge for vehicle protection
All Carbis Gangways and Ramps Offer:
  • 500 pound capacity to meet your most demanding requirements
  • Optional self-leveling safety cage, designed specifically for vehicle type
  • Variation in width and length to meet your specific application