Truck Flat Ramps

Easy Access When Vehicle Heights Are Consistent

The TCG-2000 Series Flat Ramp Gangway is a manually operated, spring-assisted, articulating gangway that provides safe access to the tops of various types of truck and rail car vehicles of varying heights for operators to safely perform the work required on the vehicles within fall protection enclosures that are typically associated with the gangway.

This unit is popular for railcar applications and is typically used for a accessing vehicles with a standard fixed height. As with all Carbis Solutions gangways, this unit can be customized to fit the dimensions that are ideal for your application.

Truck and Rail Ramps from Carbis Solutions offer numerous benefits in terms of their flexibility, safety, and ease of operation:

  • Minimize trip hazards on walk surfaces.
  • Provide guardrails that comply with OSHA standards.
  • Completely enclose the work space.
  • Provide standard spring balance for raising and lowering gangways.
  • Offer optional pneumatic or hydraulic systems to raise or lower gangways.