Truck and Railcar Access Platforms

If you work in a chemical plant, you may be aware of the risks chemical plants pose to employees and the bottom line of the company. Workers must encounter potentially dangerous chemicals to process the products. But managers also need to keep the materials coming in and the products moving out. In this case, a truck loading rack can prove to be an invaluable safety tool. If you are looking for an innovative way to safely transport materials, check out the REDI-RACK® from Carbis Solutions.
Designing your ideal loading rack solution is often a challenging and tedious task. What types of vehicles will be loading or unloading there? Who will operate the equipment? What challenges exist at the site such as piping obstructions, traffic flow issues, and safety requirements? Before long even simple solutions can get overwhelming. That is why Sam Carbis Solutions Group designed the REDI-RACK®.


Pre-Engineered Truck or Rail Loading Platform
The REDI-RACK® offers an economical solution for safely accessing the tops of single hatch tanker trucks and liquid rail cars. With a minimal footprint layout, the REDI-RACK® is a great design for existing sites with real estate constraints, sites with a traffic flow concern, or a greenfield location. Available in single or double-sided systems, the REDI-RACK® offers multiple configurable safety solutions with a competitive price and delivery.

Customize your loading rack

Pre-engineered components provide faster delivery at a lower cost

The REDI-RACK® begins with a standard 4’ x 6’ pedestal supported platform with a stair unit, from there it is completely customizable to meet your specific needs. Customizations include a choice of gangways, footers, cages, canopies, eye wash stations, and loading arm support. Each component is designed to correlate with the system to keep the system design simple and guarantee optimal results.


There are two foundation options with our flexible system.  Where soil integrity must be maintained, we now offer “The Rock”, an above-ground froundation alternative which provides full support for the system without the need for a traditional footer.

truck access gangwayGangways, Ramps and Cages

Depending on the vehicles being accessed, the appropriate access ramp can vary. We offer the choice of a self-leveling tread gangway, a flat-ramp style gangway, or a telescoping gangway. Each is available in a variety of widths and materials to meet your site’s environmental requirements and specifications.

Safety cages for your truck loading rack are a terrific way to protect your employees while they work. They can also be configured to meet the exact dimensions of your tank truck, with features such as single or multiple hatch access. Safety cages for truck loading racks are designed with the best possible protection for your workers, while keeping the overall cost of installation in mind. According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), every workplace should have a safety cage for truck loading operation.

Loading Arms

Each of our REDI-RACK® has been designed to accommodate loading arms and/or boom style hose handlers to keep your product moving quickly and efficiently.

Get Grounded

Protect personnel and plant operations with optional static grounding for loading and unloading operations.

Power Gangway

Pneumatic or  hydraulically operated equipment available to suit your application needs.

Eyewash Station and/or Safety Shower

When your operators are exposed to harsh chemicals, time is of the essence.  With our optional eye wash stations and safety showers your workers can have peace of mind.


Whether you need traditional halogen lighting or traffic signals, we’ve got you covered!

Drive-off Protection

Drive-off protection available. Whether you need barrier gates, traffic lights, or lane indicator monitors, we can keep you moving.

Introducing The Rock!
Above ground foundation — no ground breaking needed.

Over the years, many customers have come to us with soil issues that made pouring traditional footers problematic. Whether due to underground obstructions or contamination issues, they needed a solution that did not require breaking ground. Our solution, The Rock! supports even a fully equipped Redi-Rack without having to touch the underlying soil.
Let us help you answer the questions to make your job easier. Whatever your site requirements, we can configure a Redi-Rack to suit your needs to keep your products moving efficiently and your operators working safely. Let us help you answer the questions to make your job easier.

Truck and Railcar Loading Rack Made Easy

The all new Redi-Rack® represents an innovative twist on the simple loading rack.  By combining our most requested additions into a simple ergonomic design we can provide you with an out of the box solution to even your most difficult loading challenges.

All of the Redi-Rack component are shipped in as few pieces as possible to get you up and moving product quickly. 


truck loading rack

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