Extreme Hazard Product Line

Excel Loading XL-1.0 PTFE/ECTFE lined swivel joint is revolutionizing the world of line swivel joints.  This swivel joint is designed for use in the most hazardous environments, and was developed to meet a need from attentive chemical manufactures who care about keeping their operators safe!


Raising the bar in the hazardous chemical industry, Excel has transformed the way manufactures handle these products. The XL-1.0 PTFE/ECTFE lined swivel joint provides a durable means of transferring hazardous fluids, allowing manufactures to prevent dangerous and costly spills.

The XL-1.0 PTFE/ECTFE lined swivel joint, used in conjunction with our PTFE/ECTFE lined piping – to create a completely lined loading arms – will give companies the same freedom they experience using our standard loading arms, now also for the most harsh applications.  Excel PTFE/ECTFE line arms are designed to keep your operators safe in regards to both ergonomics and product matter.

Chemical Compatibility

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Let us design the best PTFE/ECTFE loading arm solution for your application
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  • Single Arm Fixed Reach
  • Scissor Type Arm
  • Supported Boom Arm
  • Unsupported Boom Arm


The benefits of Top Loading Arms:

  • Ability to adjust spring in any direction
  • Product compatibility with metals and seals
  • Adaptable to tight-fill or closed system loading
  • Strong swivel/spring capacity allows for longer arm reach
  • Variety of swivel joints provide flexibility and leak-free operation
  • Wide range of motion provides the ability to reach more openings