Eliminate Gaps Between Platform And Rail Units of Varying Widths

The need of operators to access a variety of vehicles, some of which have non-standard widths, can present safety problems for your facility. The major concern is the gap that often exists between the Truck Gangway or Rail Car Gangway and the vehicle during access procedures.

A Carbis Solutions Telescoping Ramp resolves issues associated with accessing smaller vehicles, since operators just push out the ramp extension and may leave the extension in position to access larger width vehicles as well. The Telescoping Ramp closes gaps during access, and operators can perform their duties in a much safer and faster way.


Flexibility with our telescoping ramp

With a Telescoping Ramp you will see:

  • Elimination of gaps between gangways and vehicles of non-standard widths
  • Easier handling of vehicles of all widths
  • Greater safety in the workplace
  • Faster access to trucks and rail cars
  • Faster throughput in the loading facility